Products & Services: Attorney Oversight

Attorney Oversight

Lyons McCloskey provides expert consulting and training services to servicers in managing the attorney firms that provide foreclosure, bankruptcy, and eviction services. We assist our clients in conducting thorough and extensive research to ensure that audit/review checklists are updated to include all current federal and state, investor, client, and regulatory and oversight entity requirements. Lyons McCloskey’s clients receive comprehensive reports that summarize the analysis of the results, as well as benefit from assistance associated with the remediation and resolution of findings and issues identified throughout the course of the review. The audits are conducted by well trained, competent staff who have significant experience in vendor audits and mortgage banking.

Attorney Oversight Products Include:

•Training Client’s Internal staff to Conduct Oversight Reviews (click for more details)

•Automated Review Checklists (click for more details)
•Comprehensive Attorney firm Audits

     •Onsite inspection of Attorney firm Operations, Information Security, Document Security
     •Onsite or Remote Loan Level Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Eviction, File Review

•Comprehensive Audit Guide with Detailed Procedures
•Scoring Methodology, Procedures and Formulas
•Requirements Updating Services
•Attorney firm Questionnaires and other Data Gathering Tools
•Reporting Templates
•Remediation Processes and Procedures